October 2, 2014

To Love or Be Loved ~ Finis

And the final conclusion to the freeverse novella, To Love or Be Loved.

To Love or Be Loved ~ Part 1

To Love or Be Loved ~ Part 2

To Love or Be Loved ~ Part 3

Marjorie J. Riley

Finders, Keepers
Will and Helen come today, to see where I
have been. I am touched that Will noticed. I
look into his brown eyes, but my mind is on
blue. John tiptoes          down the stairs,
peering at my                 guests. “Will, Helen,
I’d like you to                meet John.” Helen
looks horrified and stares like the moon.
Will’s eyes flash envied brown. “You won’t
keep him.” “Oh yes, I will.” Precious blue.

Something Old and Something New
Ann brought in a bundle of little boy clothes.
ears filled her eyes as her arms clutched her
son’s old things.          “If you plan on keeping
him, Miss, he’ll           need something new to 
wear.” Do I plan        on keeping him? I told
Will I would, but         was I serious? I look at
John, splashing in the tub, smiling from tiny
ear to tiny ear. “Thank you, Ann.  Johnny will
need them.” Johnny? I called him such a
tender name. How could I give him away?

Hide and Seek
“Marjee? Find me!” I look behind an
armchair. John giggles when I find him.
“Marjee? Find me!” I see a lump in the
Persian rug. He squeals when I hug him.
“Marjee? Find me!” I find him lying on the
stairs. He shouts when I tickle him.
I realize that something has happened. Inside
me, there is no hole. “Johnny? You found
me!” His eyes blink blue and  his lips smile,
almost if he knew what he did to my heart.

To Love and Be Loved
I don’t know why I decided to keep John. I
just did. I don’t know why I love him. I just
do. John has changed me. I know how to feel
loved and I know how to love. Maybe this is
the love Father always talked about. Love fills
the hole in your heart. Johnny has filled the
hole in my heart. Oh, how sweet to love and
be loved.

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