July 4, 2014

To Love and Be Loved ~ Part 1

To Love and Be Loved ~ Part 1
Janelle Spiers

Free Verse Poetry is something that has been grasping my attention as of late.  I have put together a novelette in verse, and hope that you enjoy it.  Many thanks to my dear writing coach.  This would be one sad story without her.  :)

This is the first installment of To Love and Be Loved.  The scene is set in the era between the first World War and the Great Depression, often known as the Roaring Twenties.  This was an era of lavish parties, (think The Great Gatsby), and also an era of impoverished working for the lower class.  

Withthat said, I introduce you to Marjorie J. Riley in Part 1 of To Love and Be Loved...

Marjorie J.  Riley

The Looking Glass
Marjorie Jane Riley,
green eyes, dark hair,
pale                 skin, soft
face,                 and all
the riches in the world,
or so the mirror says.

All the World’s a Stage
I couldn’t be happier.  I have
a world at my beck and call, and I
have a purse full of money to spend.
I never                         leave a party
until                             after two, and
I host a                         party every two
Saturdays.  This is my stage, and this
is my role.  I wouldn’t change it, no
matter how much I was promised.

Be Yourself
“Be yourself, Marjorie.”  My mother always
told me.  Well this is me: rich, spoiled, happy,
me.  But is it?                          Sometimes I
wonder if this                          life of parties
is really all                               there is to life.
Could there                             be more?  And
if so, what is it?  I look out into the streets of
Boston and wonder, Am I myself?

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