July 25, 2014

To Love and Be Loved ~ Part 2

To Love and Be Loved ~ Part 2
Janelle Spiers

Alright, here is the promised continuation to Part 1.

Evelyn O’Hara

Dirty dishes, dirty water,
dirty face. It is mine, I know,
but I didn’t know I was so filthy.


This bad cough hurts my thin
body, shakes my straw hair,
closes my grey eyes tight.

   Marjorie J. Riley

Family Tree
My father was rich, as was my mother.
They left it all to me. Me, their only
daughter, their only joy.  I remember
my one                        wish as a child:
that                              whoever made
the train                       made it safer
to those                       inside.  But
now my wish is to honor my parents
with the gift they left me. Although,
I still wish the train was not so cruel.

Evelyn O’Hara

The dark presses into my
little home.  The sickness
presses into my chest.


I know that coughing up
blood is not a good thing,
so I close my eyes and pray.

I know joy, even though my body
knows no peace.  Could John be any
more a tiny, precious angel from the Lord?


The innocence of youth is God’s
surest blessing to a lonely mother.
His surest blessing to a sick, poor widow

Marjorie J. Riley

Another Waltz
I wait impatiently.  Will ought to ask
me to dance.  If he doesn’t soon, I shall be angry.
It might not be right, but, ah, here he comes.
“Have                          a dance, Miss
Riley?”                        “Of course, Will.”  
The                              waltz is slow and
perfect; I do not care to go quickly.
I look up into Will’s dark brown eyes.
I wish that he would look into mine.

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