July 25, 2014

A Distant Place

A Distant Place
Janelle Spiers

I looked in the mirror
And I saw a face;
A phantom vision,
In a distant place.

The figure contorted
And I reached out my hand.
I tried to touch it,
But I had no command.

The face was silent,
It stared like a star.
It was then that I realized
It was myself, from afar.

I looked in the mirror
At my strange unknown face
And wondered what happened
In that distant place.

Where was I now?
I wondered aloud,
When a dark veil unfolded
And all was a shroud.

I felt a tug
And a terrible pain.
The shroud was burning 
Like a flaming rain.

As the curtain lifted
And the smoke withdrew
I saw smoldering ash,
And it was then that I knew.

I stood behind the mirror
As my reflection died.
I lived now in a foreign world;
I bent my head and cried.

A brilliant light shone through the dust
And dried my weeping eyes.
A voice like thunder called to me,
And I began to rise.

As my body floated,
I saw a great face.
I was behind the mirror
In a distant place.

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