July 20, 2014

An Empty Shell

An Empty Shell
Janelle Spiers

Once upon a time, a man named Kenneth Bogue was born.  He grew up to be a fine knight, brave and courageous, witty and sharp.  He waltzed right into the heart of a woman named Alma, and they married, and had two sons.  His life continued steadily forward, a man of upright intent, and noble heart.  His sword of truth was ever by his side, and so too his fair maiden.  

Days turned into years, and as they flew by, Kenneth's sons found beautiful girls, and took them to their distant homes to become their brides.  Life continued for the knight, and his days were ever blessed by the King whom he served.  He was a man of integrity, and faithfulness.

Years became decades, and as grandchildren and great-grandchildren came to visit the brave knight, his years had began to grow long.  He had had many a great victory in his day, and his maiden was always with him. 

But all things must come to an end, and even life itself must take turns with death.  The valiant knight fell ill, and no amount of fighting could save him.  He lost the battle...on this earth.  But his spirit and renewed body has risen again to live with the King he had long loved so faithfully.  His maiden wept at his side, but is was an empty shell, with nothing but skin and bones left of him.  His children crowded round his side, and all the men and women he had blessed paid homage to their beloved knight.  They loved him, and never forgot him.

I loved him, and will never forget him. 

Goodbye, Pa.

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