July 15, 2014

What Is Red?

What is Red?
Written by Janelle Spiers
Inspired by Mary O'Neill

Red is a candle
Glowing softly with light
A warm, dancing figure;
Flame in flight.
Red is a high-flying kite.
Red is love,
Passionate and romantic.
Red is a rose
Red is a dream,
A hat, a feather,
A chilling scream.
The sound of red is
“Beat! Beat! Beat!”
An infant heart
So faint and sweet.

Red is death –
A bleeding heart,
That starts to tear
Loved ones apart.

Red are rubies
And ripe strawberries,
Apples, tomatoes, and cherries.
Red is emotion
Tender and true
A happy ending
Given to few.
Red is a racecar
And a plastic cup
Red is a game
Don’t give up.
Red is life
Frail crying at birth
Full, well-lived days
Laid back in the earth.
Think of embraces
And wounds that have bled
Nail polish, late sunsets
If they couldn’t glimmer with

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Alsolo said...

Very Nice. Good job, Janelle!