October 14, 2014

The Flight of Life

The Flight of Life
Janelle Spiers

With faerie steps and elven breath
Lady Life came dancing lightly
Across the knoll of green.
While silver moon above shone silver
The world crowned her their queen.

She beckoned me and called my name
As she twirled with graceful steps
Beneath the stellar sky.
With lovely presence like the dawn
She looked like she could fly.

I took her hand with trembling heart
And she kissed my pallid face
For all the world to see.
Verily, my fear was gone
And I danced about with glee.

Life had let me hold her hand,
What gentle, slender palm? --
At her side I stood.
I embraced Life most fully
And found I understood.

With faerie steps and elven breath
She called to me and spoke my name
Into the dark night air.
I lived for Life and found her blessed
And all my joy I share.

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