September 23, 2014

What is White?

What is White?
Inspired by Mary O'Neill
Written By Janelle Spiers

White is a snowflake
Falling down to the earth,
A six-pointed treasure;
Frozen birth.
White is sweet, lighthearted mirth.
White is ash,
In a cold fireplace
White is a doll
White is a pawn,
A fox, a bright sky,
A flying swan.
The sound of white is
“Purr! Purr! Purr!”
A sleepy cat
With soft, sleek fur.

White is pure – 
A wave of grace,
It washes o’er
And sins erase.
White is a hymn
And piano keys,
A clock, a rock, an ocean breeze
White is a carol
Sung by a choir,
Melodic voices
Filled with strong fire.
White is a ball gown
And a jar of glue.
White is a gift,
All for you.
White is hope:
A quiet appeal
Tearful prayers
On our knees we kneel.
Think of old photos
And bright city light…
Puffy clouds, sugar cubes,  
If they couldn’t dazzle with


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