September 25, 2014

The Sound of A Rose

I have written descriptively about the mysterious darling known as The Moon, and so I shall now try my hand in the garden.

Roses intrigue me as they sit quietly in a flower bed soaking up warm sunshine.  I don't know why, but my heart feels emotionally attached to the flowers.  What would life be without roses?

Red roses, pink roses, yellow, orange, white...There are so many different colored roses, variations, and breeds.  I wonder where they shop for such velvet ornaments as their petals.  I believe that roses must be very rich and wealthy if they can afford such sweet perfume and bright gowns.

Of course, a rose is known for its lovely smell, though some have more of a fragrance than others. And they're edible, too.  Thinking of a rose as a personification, it seems terrible to eat a delicate rose.  But if you think of them as sweet-scented, nice looking, flowers, I can imagine that they must taste rather nice.

Roses have a wonderful texture on their petals. They are like furless velvet cloaks surrounding them in a veil of color.  And the green stalks on which they stand so erect are smooth and woody, until you reach their dark, curved thorns.  The thorns on a rose have always surprised me; to think that such a lovely flower could have such an uncomfortable side, too.

I have puzzled over this matter and spent many brain cells trying to understand.  Perhaps it is that a rose is such a lovely prize, that they must protect themselves with their prepared thorns. Perhaps it is that a rose is the most human of flowers; they have hard and ugly faults on the outside, for all the world to see.  When the blossom opens, unfurls its tender petals, we can finally see the heart, and the bloom outshines our thorns. Or perhaps, the thorns of a rose were designed to be a mystery that we weren't meant to understand; God gave the rose a thorn like He gave a Zebra stripes, just because He wanted to.

I think that a rose has sound, if you listen carefully enough.  There is a haunting, melodic song that radiates from its center, that seems to permeate your soul.  I think the song is in a minor key, delicate and soft, but mysterious and lovely at the same time.  Roses are an orchestra or a choir, playing a song to which my heart dances.

"...But he that dares not grasp the thorn
Should never crave the rose."
~ Anne Brontë ~

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