September 9, 2014

Picture Poetry

I am dabbling in the art of Picture Poetry.  I hope that you can tell what I mean by observation and poetic appreciation.  I am quite taken with this art form, and hope that you enjoy it with me, both visually and poetically.  

           THE CRY OF THE SOUL

I wish I was                            a pioneer; to
Travel unknown                       lands.  I wish I was
An ocean beach; to live             with wave and sands.
 I wish I was a battle cry; to be a marching song.  I wish
I was a warrior; I’d have courage and be strong.  I wish I
 Was a joyful tear, so all the sorrow blurs.  I wish I was
   a President; to give a speech that stirs.  I wish I was
     a puppy dog; I’d smile and be your friend.  I wish
        I was a patient nurse; all my help, I’d lend.  I
            wish I was a rainbow; high above in the
                sky.  I wish I was a thundercloud;
                     My tears would freely cry.  I
                        Wish I was a pioneer; to
                              Travel unknown
                                 Lands.  I wish
                                    I was… I


Tree stands
Alone in the woods;
A minute
To spare.  The tree
Is so busy thinking big
Thoughts, it won't hear you 
No, it won't
Hear you coming 
until you're upon it, as 
you coax it out of its dreams.
The tree stands alone in the woods;
Never a 
To spare.

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