December 16, 2014

Unintentional Success

Unintentional Success
Original Poem Written 
 By Janelle Spiers  
Dedicated to Lauren Spiers

I'm trying to write a poem,
But I don't know what to say.
I thought it ought to be profound,
Someone lost has now been found,
Or maybe something really sweet;
In a blissful glen two lovers meet.

Perhaps I'd write about a fight,
With bloodshed in the dark of night.
Or, I could write about a fawn,
A little doe out on the lawn.
But that wouldn't work, no indeed,
'Cause I can't find the words I need.

I wish there were a simpler route
To make my brain know what to say.
I'm so indebted to the guy
Who decided, by and by,
To make a button called, 'delete'
So I can have a new blank sheet.

Where are all the words inside
This funny little head of mine?
Where are all the useful rhymes?
They come and go at random times!
I don' know just what to say,
but, I'll keep trying, every day.

Yes, someday, I will write a poem,
Someday, I'll know what to say!
I'll write about a valiant knight
Who saves his damsel dressed in white.
Or a touching sonnet about love
The gentle beauty from above. 

I'm trying to write a poem, 
Though I don't know what to say. 
I'm wracking my brain,
And it is such a pain,
I'm trying to write a ... hey!
I think I wrote a poem anyway. 

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