December 2, 2014

Did You Know The Stars Have Voices?

Did You Know The Stars Have Voices?
Janelle Spiers

Did you know the stars have voices?
Did you know that they whisper to each other, 
high above in the heavens?
Did you know that they know the future?

Yes, long have men looked to the firmaments for signs;
They seek to learn their fate and fortune
So that they might be prepared for good or ill. 
Yes, long have men been wrong.

The stars have lived since earth was first created.
They murmur tales of old to their young ones, 
teaching them of how the earth will spin,
teaching them the dance of the celestial.

The men of earth have often looked to the sky,
Waiting for their omens of joy or sorrow
to be hung on silver threads of light
and paraded through the darkness above. 

The astral beings do not announce the fate of one,
but all.  They twirl their trains of colored smoke
and dance the heavenly dance; 
That which ushers in the bright new beginning

of foretold fate and destiny
fate and future,
fate and fortune,
for the entirety of man. 

They announced the birth of a baby
to a loud and flashy tune
They signaled the passing of a man
with a slow and mournful waltz

Did you know the stars have voices?
Did you know they whisper while they waltz?
Did you know the stellar shadows sing the future?
Do you dare to watch them dance?

Do you dare to see them fly?

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