January 27, 2015

A Ship

A Ship
Original Poem by Janelle Spiers

A ship is a rollicking, wild phantom,
Soaring across the waving seas.
A ship is a wild, flying bird
To take us where we please.

The ship is a carpet of fairy dust,
Magic and wholly untrue.
Sweet ships are a kiss upon the lips
As they bring me home to you.

Where are the sails and briny oars?
Show me the rigging and sandy shores --
Dip me a flagon of ocean chill
And the rolling waves that can't keep still.
Hand me adventure and splintered wood
And all that's wet, and salty, and good.

A ship is a conquistador of old,
Driving heavily through the rain.
A ship is a princess who catches my eye
And carries away all of my pain.

The ship is a secret treasure,
Buried beneath the yards of sail.
The ship is Lord of the Sea,
King of fish and mighty whale.

Where is the creak of rolling madness?
Show me the sails of departing sadness --
Dip me a flagon of salty sea,
And the rolling waves that call to me.
Hand me freedom and coiled ropes
And all that's bright with salty hopes.

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