January 6, 2015

A Flight of Fancy II

A Flight of Fancy II
Janelle Spiers

The Flight Of Fancy: A Collection of Short Story Samples All Based On This Beginning Sentence...

"I turned around and was shocked to see..."

"I turned around and was shocked to see the slim figure of a girl standing in the doorway. 
'Jillian?  But you weren't supposed to be here until Friday!'   
'That's what you thought.  I wanted to be home for your birthday.'  
Tears of joy sprang into my eyes as I beheld by best-friend with a mixture of disbelief and extreme thrill. Her short red hair contrasted nicely with the black tank-top she wore and I hugged her tightly.  Stylish but sweet, that was my Jillian.  
'Oh, you don't know how much I've missed you.' 
'Oh, you bet I do!' 
'Oh, no you don't!' I cried. 
'Oh, you bet...' she paused, 'never mind.' 
I was surprised once again.  This didn't seem like my Jillian; she would never have given up an argument when I saw her last.  What was wrong with my friend? ..."

"I turned around and was shocked to see a huge winged horse floating gracefully in the air.  She flapped her silvery pinions and the air blew past me with a sweet aroma.  All about her in the sky were others, giant pegasus' floating in the among the clouds. 
'Do you like them?' 
I turned to my guide and nodded, because I felt that I could not speak in such a present time.   
Her face was glittery as she laughed, 'Oh, good.  The Trey Father will be very pleased to know that you admire his livestock. Now please, come this way."   
I followed the gliding girl down the winding stair that we had scaled to see the beautiful creatures.  The descent felt much shorter than the climb and I was not so nearly out of breath when we reached the bottom.  The emerald roof glittered like the maiden's hair and I wished that I could float like she did.  
'You will not be able to meet the Trey Father, until you have passed the three Trials of Knowledge.  If you pass, then you will be admitted into his presence.' 
'What are the three trials?' I asked with some nervousness. I had never been good at tests. 
'First, you must evaluate the character of the Wingdu, second, you must determine the photonesis of a living Vefre, and third, you must state your philosophy on Firet breeding.  If you are correct in your evaluation and determination, and have made a reasonable philosophical statement, then you will be allowed to sit at the feet of the great Trey Father. 
I swallowed the lump in my throat.  I had failed already."

"I turned around and was shocked to see Jesse James McFlavitt coming out of the Hokey Pokey Saloon; I had been looking for him for twelve years, sure as the whiskers on my chin.  I drew my gun and said, 'Stop you two-faced varmint, or I'll stick you full of lead.' 
That one eyed good-for-nothin' spit his tobacco in the street and shouted loudly, 'Wesley Owens?  Is that you, you old rascal?' 
'It's me, all right.' I hollered.  'Now draw your pistol, or I'll draw your blood!' 
J.J. McFlavitt pulled out a shiny Oliver McGuffery .65 Platinum, newly cleaned and polished.  I was feeling a bit nervous by his choice of weapon, but a cowpoke don't never back down in a fight. 
'Twenty paces.  It's fightin' time, you yellow-livered maggot.' 
The sun was high and mighty in the sky as it shown down on Spooksville.  I pointed 'Ol Green at J.J. McFlavitt's scaly rat-face and the showdown began... "

... A Flight of Fancy...

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