August 26, 2014

What Is Green?

What is Green?
Written by Janelle Spiers
Inspired by Mary O'Neill

Green is a pinwheel 
Spinning light in the breeze,
A child’s bright plaything
Dancing with ease. 
Green is a forest of trees. 
Green is sprouts, 
Coming up in the dirt. 
Green is a lime 
Green is a fly, 
A gem, a lush lawn, 
A blinking eye. 
The sound of green is 
“Swish! Swish! Swish!” 
Wind blown through leaves; 
A secret wish. 

Green is greed –  
A spreading blight, 
It wants a prize 
With terrible might. 

Green is lettuce 
And old moldy cheese, 
A sock, a book, and grass-stained knees.
Green is a romance 
Blissful and fair; 
A gardener’s pride
In the open air. 
Green is a basket 
And a bumpy toad 
Green is a race, 
Down the road. 
Green is joy: 
A patch of rich soil, 
Unfurling leaf, 
Repaid for hard toil. 
Think of landscapes 
And sights you have seen… 
Hard jade, lucky clover,  
If they couldn’t immerse in 


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Lauren Spiers said...

Beautiful poem!!!