August 8, 2014

A Character Sketch ~ Mr. Darcy

A Character Sketch ~ Mr. Darcy
Janelle Spiers 

             The story of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen is brimming with notable characters. I thought I would share this Sketch of one of history's most memorable characters.  Don't forget to categorize Mr. Darcy of Pemberly.  Where would you put him?

            When Mr. Darcy was first introduced to the other principal characters, he was the center of attention at a ball.  Being a tall, handsome, rich gentleman of “noble mien,” Darcy was quickly accepted as a fine man.  But as the evening went on, he was very quickly shunned for his pride and arrogance.  By the end of the night, his character was firmly believed by all who did not know him to be rude and disagreeable.  His refusal to dance, though many were obliged to go without partners, and his haughty criticism gave the townspeople much ground on which to scorn him.
            Though looked upon in such disapproving light, Darcy had a certain air of loyalty that cannot be dismissed.  In a firm relationship with his friend, Mr. Bingley, Darcy did everything he could to secure his friend’s happiness.  Subtly breaking a possible engagement for fear of indifference on the lady’s part, Darcy shielded his friend from the potential pain and heartbreak by separating the two in secret.  When, however, he learned of the young woman’s love for Bingley and everything but indifference, again, Darcy did the best he could for his friend by reuniting the lovers, now knowing of the true feelings of each party.
            Darcy was also incredibly devoted to his young sister.  Praising her at every opportunity and writing to her with much care and faithfulness, his love for his sister was very evident.  Taking care to see her best interests fulfilled, he discovered an unfavorable elopement between his lovely Georgiana and a detestable acquaintance, which he was able to dissolve before damage could be placed upon her reputation.
            Mr. Darcy’s heart slowly began to soften when he realized it had been stolen by a lovely young woman with a “pair of fine eyes,” the same woman who had sworn to loathe him forever!  Gradually, and with great difficulty, Darcy allowed his feelings to take control of his common sense, but his pride was stung painfully when the woman refused his hand in marriage.  Utter distress and anger drove Darcy to prove to the woman he could be everything she thought he wasn’t, civil, polite, generous, and the one whom her heart could love. In noble perseverance and loving determination, Darcy allowed her to see the true quality of his heart, which he had shielded and protected for so long.

            Though his pride and status prevented him from being well liked, Mr. Darcy had many positive sides.  Intelligent and thoughtful with his wealth, Darcy also proved to be a loyal and faithful friend to those who chose to see past his faults and rough edges.  Willing to give whatever the cost he could for his comrades, Darcy reserved no energy or resources when it came to proving his unwavering devotion.  Mr. Darcy showed great integrity and lived up to his reputation.  The noble gentleman starring in Jane Austen’s beloved Pride and Prejudice, will not soon be forgotten.  His name and his fame shall live on, as generations of people treasure the masterpiece and its characters.

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