June 17, 2014

What Is Gold?

What is Gold?
Written By Janelle Spiers
Inspired by Mary O'Neill

Gold is a flower
Glowing bright through the day
As fluttering petals
Gently sway.
Gold is hearing a child pray.
Gold is sweet,
Honey and a stalk of wheat.
Gold is a poem
Gold is a key,
A feather, a fall leaf,
A bumblebee.
The sound of gold is
“Munch! Munch! Munch!”
Juicy apple
Pleasing to crunch.

Gold is hard –
A heavy load,
A joyful pain
On Life’s long road.

Gold is sunshine
And a tiny heart,
A quartet and each solo part.
Gold is a feeling
Soaring with wings
With freedom and pow’r;
Liberty rings.
Gold is hair color
And hearing your name
Gold is a chance
To find fame.
Gold is beauty
In rich imagery,
A woven thread
In a tapestry.
Think of what kingdoms
And jewels couldn’t hold
Old stories, lost riches
If they couldn’t shine bright with


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