June 19, 2014

What is Blue?

So, I have to admit, I am on a Color-Themed Poetry Spree.  This poem is in the same format as my, What Is Gold? poem, and I plan to have a whole rainbow posted pretty soon.  (Yes, I am aware that gold is not in the rainbow, but it could be, and I think it would look pretty good...)

What is Blue?
Written by Janelle Spiers 
Inspired by Mary O'Neill

Blue is a sapphire
Concealed well in a stone
A treasure forgotten
All alone.
Blue is a breaking heart’s moan.
Blue is cold,
A biting wind, sharp and cold.
Blue is a song
Blue is a car,
A lake, a clear sky,
A dying star.
The sound of blue is
“Dong! Dong! Dong!”
A death knell rings
A mourning song.

Blue is bliss –
A gentle day,
Without a care
Happy and gay.

Blue are berries
And a pair of jeans,
The banner of rich kings and queens
Blue is a feeling
Bitter and sweet
So melancholy
You feel defeat.
Blue is eye color
And watching the news
Blue is a risk
Win or lose.
Blue is lost
Beauty to be found
A peacock plume
Lying on the ground.
Think of what picnics
And rainbows can’t do
Bright parties, rolling waves
If they couldn’t glow bright with


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Ralina said...

This was one of my favorite assignments! I'm so glad to see that you found it just as intriguing and are continuing to experiment with it =).