March 17, 2015

Fruit of the Spirit: Love

Every Tuesday night, a group of six happy teenagers and one beautiful mamma sit together studying their underlined, well-loved Bibles, eating small goodies, and laughing as loud as a hurricane.  I can't help but sharing some of the ideas I've heard and written down; such youthful wisdom and genuine interest in the passage makes for a wonderful swirl of prose.

God's love should be enjoyed...
The Fruit of the Spirit Study: Love

~ God's love is so big

"He is jealous for me/ He loves like a hurricane, I am a sea/ Bending beneath the weight of His wind and mercy..." How He Loves, John Mark McMillan 

His love eclipses the entire world, and is so large that He sweeps us away in His might and glory.  However, He bends down to hold our hands, draws us close, and let's us breathe deeply in His magnificent splendor. 

~ Love can be small acts of kindness

There is a story shared about a kind uncle, who always takes the time to make a birthday special and enjoyable. With little presentations of thoughtfulness and affection, he takes the time to shower a little love out into the world. 

~ Human love is thin and easily broken, but God's love holds fast

The idea of love being necessary for every human. It is desired by all; the crux of human desire.  But when we try to share such love, it becomes selfish. We are like eggshell lovers; thin and brittle, easily broken, small and impossible. God's love is the solid rock on which we need to stand; firm and solid, impossible to break, large and so possible.  And, then if God is Love, then God is what we need the most.

~ Sacrificial love does not mean death

Another story is shared of a young girl, dying and sick. The doctor needed blood from a relative to help her, but in that particular country, to give blood was to give life. The healthy family refused to save the girl by giving blood, instead they offered a sick, old woman, whose life was nearly faded, anyway.  The doctor, with compassionate fury, ordered the nurse to draw his own blood, in order to save the child. He gave his "life" to save the girl; love means giving life for another, but not necessarily to the extent of death.

~ Love is putting others first

Like the little things and the sacrifices, love is to put everyone else above yourself. If we love ourselves above other people, then we are the selfish lovers, with thin and cracking love. If we dedicate ourselves to the other people around us, then we are helping to pick up the stones of God's love and pass them about, making our own hearts and love all the stronger. 

~ Love is the bond between friends

"A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity." ~ Proverbs 17:17

A friend is one with a strong heart and a brother (or sister) is one who will help through any adversity. Who are your loved ones today? Have you loved them at all times possible, and been there for all adversities?

~ We can enjoy God's love

Love one another, as if they were God we were serving. How amazing is that? To love a person, it to love God.  Hate should be avoided at all cost. Also said by a wonderful girl, God's love should be enjoyed. Think of the food we eat and how much enjoyment we have in consuming it; God created this fascination.  It's a product of His love, and we can enjoy it fully.

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