February 5, 2015

The Deepest Beauty

This was a sight inspired by my front-room window this morning, at about 7:00 a.m.  I did not have the chance to take a picture, but with a bit of creative embellishment and the picture in my mind, I decided to share the view with you.

The world was glorious,
 and the sight took my breath away.  
I could even see it, steamed up against the glass,
like a frozen cloud clinging to the window.
But the sight beyond was even better...

The naked, bony trees had been covered
By the soft down of frosty white
And they shone in the light.
The trees had a glow of crystal,
And all the world seemed white with ice.

I was pleased to see the frosty white, 
But what took my breath away
was the morning sky.
The deepest blue of beauty,
Mixed gently with golden, gilded clouds. 

Oh, how could the world be so brilliant,
when all the world is full of sad?
I looked into the beauty,
And felt my spirit rise within me.
The world was beautiful despite the pain.

The world was glorious and it took my breath;
I could see the bony, naked trees
And the deepest morning sky.
I felt my spirit rise within me, despite pain
And all the world was golden, white, and beautiful. 

All the world seemed white with ice...

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