November 11, 2014

An Epitath to the Change of Scenery

I am to try my hand at a sonnet today in honor of the changing season from Autumn to Winter.

An Epitath to the Change of Scenery

Fallen leaves of autumn have taken flight
And sail away into the burning glow.
Weary, barren trees tremble in their throe
And winter wind has come to kill and bite.
The gentle frost turns in to say, “goodnight.”
A verdant world is turning into snow.
Gales of mist, foggy cold, bluster and blow
Into corners inhabited with light.
The day is shorter, chilly cold, and raw
And all of it slips quietly away.
But ne’er shall a wintery twilight
Steal away coldly through red mittened paw;
When icy tendrils cling to frozen spray

The whole wide world will take again to flight.

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